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At Fiesta Mexicana Restaurant and Cantina, we're proud to serve fresh and mouthwatering Mexican cuisine that leaves our customers coming back for more. Our goal is to make sure each and every customer walks out feeling happy with their entire experience.

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We have been really hesitant to try this restaurant but I was pleasantly surprised. The chorizo was the best I've had at a restaurant and I like the little kick it has. The server was real attentive without being overbearing. The burrito monterrey was HUGE!!! HUGE!! It's hard to find some authentic Mexican tacos anywhere but this place has them and they are delicious!! The jumbo margarita was real good and decently priced. We will definitely be back!

Jessica H.

I prefer Fiesta Mexicana over the other 2 Mexican eateries in town. Friendly and quick service and delicious food! The homemade salsa is yummy - just give it a try! Just went last night and could seriously go back again tonight. The chimichanga is great and the burritos are huge and yummy, the ground beef tacos are really, really good also. I don't know what they do to the meat, but it's delicious! This is our new "go to" for Mexican.

Amy M

Wow! We ended up at this restaurant because of a horrible experience we had at the Charlotte Applebee's just before walking out. I had the Monterrey burrito which was huge & delicious!!!! My husbands meal was very large too! The staff were very attentive, the food was excellent & we ate already planning another trip for dinner!!! Fun note: We went next door to the bowling alley after eating and the owner came over there to fetch his boys which as it turned out were bowling right next to us. Super nice guy, super nice kids. Small world ;)

Susanlyn H